Emila’s Travelogue

Kategori: Buku/Bukan Fiksyen/TravelogTahun terbitan: 2017Penerbit: Oyez Emila’s Travelogue is a compilation of selected travel blogs by Emila Yusof. A distinctive feature of Emila’s blogs are her wonderful photos and illustrations. Honest and humorous, Emila’s Travelogue is not only a visual delight but also an enjoyable read. Emila Yusof is a two-time-winner of the Best Tourism Lifestyle … Read moreEmila’s Travelogue

Fleeting Moment by Emila Yusof

Kategori: Buku/PuisiTahun terbitan: 2017Penerbit: Oyez Haiku is a traditional Japanese poetry form. It has grown popular worldwide with original haikus written in the English language. It is characteristics of a contemplative or wistful tone and impressionistic brevity. It is not surprising then that Emila Yusof loves haiku and has not only written but also illustrated her … Read moreFleeting Moment by Emila Yusof